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Updated: 10/22/2015
Document Name Filename Document Creation Date
[CSE Procedural] CSE - Cryptographic Algorithms for Protected Information itsb111-eng.pdf November 2014
[CSE Procedural] Glossary of COMSEC-Related Terms Used in CSE's IT Security Directives glossary-eng_0.pdf November 2014
[CSE Procedural] Security Considerations for the Contracting of Public Cloud Computing Services itsb105-eng.pdf December 2014
Trans-Pacific Partnership Intellectual Property Rights Chapter WikiLeaks-TPP-IP-Chapter-051015.pdf 2015
CSE Breifing Notes - Snowden Leaks ATIP-2015-CSE-Disclosures.pdf 2015
Hacking Team E-mail Leak - (RE: Big problem with Canada) RE: Big problem with Canada October 2011
Hacking Team E-mail Leak - (Canada Visit) Canada Visit October 2011
Hacking Team E-mail Leak - (Ottawa Demo) RE_Ottawa_Demo July 2011
2012 Five Eyes Presentation - Synergising Network Analysis Tradecraft uc-web-report-final-for-dc.pdf 2012
CSE Intranet Scrape ( FOIA Request) cse-intranet-2014.pdf 2014
2012 Five Eyes Presentation - Synergising Network Analysis Tradecraft uc-web-report-final-for-dc.pdf 2012
CSIS Investment Plans and Project Approvals (Anonymous Leak) 272776968-CSIS-Investment-Plans-and-Project-Approvals.pdf 2014
2012 Five Eyes Presentation - Synergising Network Analysis Tradecraft uc-web-report-final-for-dc.pdf 2012
CSE Talking Points - RE: Unauthorized Disclosures atip-page-disclosures.pdf 2015
2012 Five Eyes Presentation - Synergising Network Analysis Tradecraft uc-web-report-final-for-dc.pdf 2012
CSE SIGINT Cyber Discovery: Summar of the current effort doc-4-csec-sigint-discocon-2010.pdf November 2010
CSE - Cyber Threat Detection doc-5-cyber-csec-sdf-gchq-nov2009.pdf November 2009
CSE - Airport WIFI/IP Profiling Analytics & Mission Impacts 1325-001.pdf 2014/2009
NSA Intelligence Relationship with Canada's Communication Security Establishment odni3march2015-canada-v1-0.pdf April 3, 2013
CSE - CASCADE: Joint Cyber Sensor Architecture cascade-2011.pdf 2011
CSIS-CSE Agreements 266010335-CSIS-CSE-Agreements.pdf various
CSEC ITS/N2E Cyber Threat Discovery csec-its-dsco-2010-20101026-final.pdf 2010
A Review of CSEC SIGINT Information Sharing with the Second Parties CSE Comm.17jul13.pdf July 17, 2013
Confidential draft treaty chapter from the Intellectual Property group of the Trans-Pacific-Partnership Wikileaks-secret-TPP-treaty-IP-chapter.pdf August 30, 2013
Blackberry Messaging (BBM) Lawful Intercept bbm_log.jpg May 30, 2014
(CSIS) 2013 ATIP Requests - Canadian Security Intelligence Service /files/csis-2013-atip-dump July 1, 2014
(CSEC) Teardown of CSEC "Olympia" Spyware teardown-of-csec-olympia-presentation.pdf 2013?
(CSEC) NSA Smart Target Enhancement Program - Non-targetable 2nd Party Countries targeting-2nd-party-countries.pdf January 8, 2007
Nuclear Security Summit - National Progress Report nss_mar2014.htm March 25, 2014
Minister of Foreign Affairs Transition Book 217325544-A-201301126.pdf July 2013
(CSEC) Special Collection Service - Pacific SIGDEV Conference media-34100.pdf March, 2011
(CSIS) Business Modernization - Project Report - Canadian Security Intelligence Service 218637325-2010-CSIS-Business-Mod.pdf 2010
(CSEC) NSA Mobile Theme Briefing / Leaky Phone Apps leaky_phone_apps.pdf May 28, 2010
(CSEC) NSA Intelligence Relationship with Canada's Security Establishment Canada nsa-csec-partners.pdf June 3, 2013
(CSEC) Defense Construction Canada - Request for Qualifications LTAP-DBFM CSEC_RFQ.pdf September 10, 2009
(CSEC) Canadian Airport Spying - IP Profiling Analytics & Mission Impacts airports_redacted.pdf May 10, 2012
(CSEC) Request For Qualifications LTAP-DBFM CSEC_FQF.pdf Sept 10, 2009
National Energy Board - Pipeline Incidents Database part 1| part2 2012
Senator Mike Duffy Documents duffy-documents.pdf October 28, 2013
(CSEC) STATEROOM: Covert SIGINT Collection Sites In Diplomatic Facilities Abroad file1 | file2 | file3 | file4 N/A
(CSEC) French Presidential Network Attack elysee.pdf October 25, 2013
(CSIS) Espionage in Canada 175180357-Espionage.pdf May 1, 2006
(CSIS) Classified Briefing for Energy Sector - Meeting Protocols protocols.pdf N/A
(CSIS) Classified Briefing for Energy Sector - Meeting Agenda cdn-intel-energy-meetings.pdf May 18, 2011
(CSEC) Advanced Network Tradecraft - Brazilian Ministry of Energy CSEC_Brazil.pdf June, 2012
Canada Border Services Agency - Integrity Questionnaire border-svcs-rejected.pdf May 1, 2006
(CSIS) Left-wing Extremism/Terrorism in Europe: Implications for Canada 170965573-LeftWing.pdf February 5, 2013
CSE Commissioners Review of CSEC Activities ATIP_CSEC_A-2012-00035.pdf December 30, 2010
Royal Canadian Navy Arctic Offshore Patrol Ship Design aops-designs.pdf February 24, 2012
(CSEC) Project BULLRUN Briefing Sheet bullrun-briefing-sheet-from-gchq.pdf N/A
Solicitor Generals Enforcement Standards for Lawful Interception of Telecommunications SGES.pdf November 17, 2008
(CSEC) Ministerial Directive: CSEC Collection and Use of Metadata ND-meta_share.pdf November 21, 2011
(RCMP) Unmanned Ariel Vehicle (Drone) Study 5_06-48-48.PDF N/A
(RCMP) Information Sharing with Foreign Entities RCMP.pdf N/A
(CSEC) Ministerial Directive: Collection and Use of Metadata canada-data-mine.pdf November 11, 2011
(CSIS) Intelligence Assessment - Anonymous: An Overview Anonymous.pdf N/A
(CSEC) Support to Lawful Access (SLA) Request (2009-2012) protocols.pdf February 13, 2013